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Visit Ghumar Shiv Temple & Waterfall of Mangardora, Tentulikhunti

Ghumar (ଘୁମର) Shiv Temple is otherwise known as Ghumar waterfall, Mangardora and is located in Odisha’s Nabarangpur district under Tentulikhunti block & GP near Mangardora village. 

This site is one of the famous tourist destinations, picnic spots and pilgrimage sites of the Nabarangpur district which attracts so many enthusiasts to come and enjoy its natural beauty throughout the year. 

It is situated at a distance of 30 kilometres from Nabarangpur town and 8 kilometres from Tentulikhunti block headquarter. 

Name of the villages that are surrounded by this spot is Bijapadar, Mangardora, Tabhapadar, Sindhiguda, Khandiaguda etc. And also, one more tourist attraction of the same fountain is present about 5 kilometres away called Dokra Dora (ଡକରାଦୋରା) waterfall.

  • Place: Ghumar, Mangardora
  • Block: Tentulikhunti
  • District: Nabarangpur
  • State: Odisha
  • Famous For: Shiv Temple, WaterFall, Picnic Spot, Tourist Destination

What is there around Ghumar Shiv Temple

Ghumar Entry Point
Rest House and Recreation Field

From Tentulikhunti block headquarter Ghumar is present in the North-East direction surrounded by hills and beautiful scenery. 

Tentulikhunti to Ghumar chowk has a good pitch road but from that Ghumar chowk where a Tubewell and a picture of the Lord Shiv is present to the site on the left side, there is not well road yet. 

Everyone is going through this rocky up and down the road. But now the situation is slowly improving. Beyond that square lies a small open area after climbing & declining a small valley path rushing dense trees on both sides. 

Along with that open space, it has also stairs to go down to the stream (means the waterfall), seats at random places (for the tourists), a community centre built under government fund for resting of tourists, a Mandap, a shop (for worship materials, groceries need for picnic & other items as well), a beautiful round seat open house (a mushroom-shaped structure built on its top).

Going down further through the beautifully designed steps will bring us to the streamline. There is a small wooden bridge to cross that stream of water and go to another side. 

After that, there is a walking bridge over the stone which is made by joining two rocks making it easier & risk-free to walk and there is the Shiv Temple. 

Mushroom Shaped rest house

Before the development works were done, tourists used to picnic around this temple premises (ମଦିର ପରିସର), but now it is prohibited. Its fountain lashes stony way making it more beautiful to view and enjoy.

Its natural environment is also the habitat of many birds, monkeys and other organisms. All these animals also make this place more excellent along with the temple and waterfall. Visitors enjoy feeding monkeys and taking pictures of them. 

Going beyond the temple at a little distance onward, first, there is Parvati Cave and then finally the waterfall named Ghumar Waterfall is present. However, coming near this waterfall is a bit dangerous as there is no good way to walk. But almost all people come even after putting their lives at risk to look at its beauty.



In the development regards of this site, a meeting had been held on behalf of the block administration, Tentulikhunti on 24th November 2021. The meeting focused on the construction of a pucca road (ପକ୍କା ରାସ୍ତା) for Shiv Temple. 

Also, the construction of stairs and hanging bridge at the waterfall site, guest house, electricity system, construction of bridge and arrangement of drinking water for the convenience of the tourists were discussed in the meeting.

[Read the full news from here]

As such, tourists keep coming here throughout the year, but one can see a large number during the time of Maha Shivratri. Also, in the New Year season and on the days of Kartik Purnima, a huge crowd gathers at this place. 

And one thing is that here every year at the time of Maha Shivratri, devotees are being provided with food & water free of cost. 

Ghumar Shiv Temple inside the Cave


This place is a suitable and peaceful place for tourists and Pilgrims. Just a little more texture or development work is necessary to enhance its environmental beauty. 

All the people say that this beautiful place needs all the facilities, such that tourists should not have any problem in coming here and they can take full pleasure of its beauty.

In return, it is the responsibility of the tourists that all of us should not harm the environment and do not do anything violating its rules & restrictions.



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