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Villagers returned the corpse (dead body) on suspicion of Corona Virus

Tentulikhunti/Indravati: 5th May | Source: The Samaj

The Corona suspected dead body didn’t get a place in his village crematorium. After the villager’s refusal, body arrangements were made with administrative help to return back to district headquarter for disposal of the dead body. One of such incidents has been seen today in Khatiguda village which comes under the Tentulikhunti block of Nabarangpur district.

It is known that yesterday, after the serious condition of 24 years old Rabinarayana Acharaya resident of village Khatiguda was taken first to Tentulikhunti Community Health Centre. Then they referred to the District Headquarter Hospital, Nabarangpur.  

While his treatment is going on, he breathed his last and declared dead. His elder brother brought the corpse/dead body to their residence in an ambulance (Mahaprayana). But neighbours and people of their locality did not go near to the corpse in the fear of Corona and even opposed to performing funeral on the Indravati river bank near Khatiguda.

The media representative brought this sad story to the collector Sri Ajit Kumar Mishra. Then after hearing this news Tahasildar Sir. Pradeep Kumar Kar and BDO Sri. Padmanabha Tripathy helped and a dead body ambulance was arranged to send it back to Nabarangpur. Unfortunately, on the way to Nabarangpur ambulance stopped due to some mechanical issue.

Thereafter contacted C.D.M.O madam Dr Choudhury Sobharani Mishra of DHH. She provided an ambulance for the dead body along with 4 PPE kits. Today evening at 3 PM corpse/dead body cremated in Nabarangpur where willingly persons from Kurmakot near Tentulikhunti helped in the funeral. Although that was too late people highly appreciated the help of the administration in cremating the body.

Report says that, Rabi’s father, a senior teacher of Upper Indravati Project Highschool, Khatiguda Sri. Biranchinarayana Acharaya died on 27th of April. After Biranchi’s death, his old father broken into his son’s memory and he also lost his life on the 2nd of May. In such a way three people lost their lives within 8 days from a single-family.



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