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A Trip to Uppergodi Village; Godigaon (ଗୋଡ଼ିଗାଁ) of Tentulikhunti Block

Uppergodi (ଉପରଗୋଡ଼ି) is a small tribal filled with natural beauty village and a village in the middle of the mountains which comes under Lamataguda Gram Panchayat of Tentulikhunti block under Nabarangpur, Odisha. 

This is a village situated in a corner and its surroundings are very enjoyable. It is located at a distance of 9 kilometres from Gram Panchayat Lamataguda, 14 kilometres from Indravati main market, 20 kilometres from the Tentulikhunti block office & 41 kilometres away from District headquarter Nabarangpur.

Here Paik (ପାଇକ), Paraja (ପରଜା), Harijan, Lohra/Kamara (କମାର) community of people reside. Its nearby villages are, Souraguda (ସଉରାଗୁଡ଼ା), Panasduka, Pangonmora (ପାଙ୍ଗନମରା), Talgodi (ତଳଗୋଡ଼ି), BanuaSahi (ବାଣୁଆ ସାହି), Bejuguda etc. 

Village Overview – While going to Godigaon Village

The population of Uppergodi approximately comprises 400 of about 88 households. The Paik Sahi of this village is located a little far apart from the main Uppergodi village.

Where only the people of the Paik community live. About 27 Paik families live there which counts about 132 population and exactly in the west direction of the Paik Sahi, there is a village on the top of a hill called Pangonmora. 

In this village 12 family or 55 population resides. To reach that village one has to cross a sloped, damaged & stony paths. It is very dangerous and difficult to cross and go especially in the rainy season. 

Village Round up:


This village falls on the left side of the Nabarangpur-Indravati main road. It is located at a distance of about 9 kilometres from its GP Lamataguda which falls on left side of the Nabarangpur-Indravati main road.

From Lamtaguda GP, if we go in the north direction, then we have to go through Souraguda, Panasduka, BanuaSahi, Talgodi chowk and finally reach Uppergodi. 

Banua Sahi (ବାଣୁଆ ସାହି) situated on left side on the way while going to Uppergodi village. Here 70 Paik family lives & approximately contain 340 population. 

ବାଣୁଆ ସାହି ର ଦୃଶ୍ୟ

It’s village clubhouse which is under construction situated near Main road on left-hand side. Its village connecting road is not paved or damaged. Going a little further from Banua Sahi will reach Talgodi Chowk. 

On the chowk’s left side about 4-5 kilometres away Talgodi (ତଳଗୋଡ଼ି) village will come and its road is not good, very damaged condition. If you go a little further from Talgodi Chowk crossing the beautiful hilly green scenery, then you will go straight to Uppergodi. 

A little far before Uppergodi we will get its two ponds (a small and a little big one) on right-hand side & Paik Sahi on left-hand side of the road. 

Village pond image

There is a big mango orchard (ଆମ୍ବ ତୋଟା) at the entrance of the Paik Sahi. But its path needs repair and on its western side, there is a village on top of a hill ‘Pangonmora’. 

Then there is a small bridge before going towards Uppergodi. After that, a poultry farm is on the right side & a little further on the right-hand side there is a village school named ‘Uppergodi UPS (Upper Primary School), from class 1st to class 8th is being teaching. 

The environment of this school is very good, although it is in a small area, this school is being well decorated with a beautiful garden. However, more work is necessary for the development of this school. 

But the teachers here are trying to keep the school well, neat & clean. Which is a very good thing. 


By going a little further from the school, there will be an Anganwadi of the village on right-hand side with a tube well, in the middle of the village, where children of 2 to 5 years go to study and play. 

At the village end in the ParajaSahi (ପରଜାସାହି), there is a water tank that is not working as of now. Next to it is the Thakurani Mandap where Bali Yatra (ବାଲି ଯାତ୍ରା) takes place in every 3 years. 

Village anganwadi centre
ଗାଁ ବାଲିଯାତ୍ରା ଘର

This festival is famous in this village. But it hasn’t happened for 7 years for covid yet and Villagers said that it will happen in 2022.

The livelihood of villagers :


As it is a tribal-dominated area, surrounded by mountains, they depend on farming for their livelihood. Especially they do hill farming, cultivates maize, rice, Ragi & other grains majorly. 

Also, they cultivate some vegetables in their garden & one income source of the villagers is the band party (ବ୍ୟାଣ୍ଡ ବାଜା). Their band party has earned a good name in the nearby area. 

Some of the village’s youth earn by playing this band. Some people of the village do animal husbandry such as goat, buffalo, cow, pig and there is a poultry farm in the village also. 

Some villagers do small businesses to earn money. In this way, everyone maintains their livelihood. Along with this, all villagers are daily labourers, by this, they are maintaining their household. 

There is no one a government or private employee in the village. This is a glimpse of the livelihood of Uppergodi villagers.

Development needed : 

Though these villages have well-paved road but well drainage system is needed. Paik Sahi has no good road which is a big requirement for this village. It also requires a drainage system, water tank facility etc. For development.  

The biggest problem of Uppergodi Village is the problem of water. There is a water tank, but it is not in use now. The pipeline is already in damaged condition. 

So, as per the villager’s demands, they urgently need water tank facilities or tube well for their relaxing utilisation. As they are facing many problems in this regard. 

Many villagers have not got a house under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana(PMAY). These needy require houses under the housing scheme of the government.

However, Uppergodi Primary High School is being decorated very well, its surroundings look very beautiful, but this school has no main gate. Now there is temporarily a bamboos gate. It is necessary to build a main entrance gate in the school.

When we talked to the villagers, we also came to know that the villages do not even have a clubhouse for their social functions. So this is all the demand of Villagers which we have covered.



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