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A Trip to Panaspadar Village under Tentulikhunti Block, Nabarangpur

Panaspadar (ପଣସପଦର) village, which comes under Tentulikhunti block of Nabarangpur district is located on the bank of Indravati river and is surrounded by so many beautiful sceneries. 

  • Village: Panaspadar
  • Gram Panchayat: Digi (Commonly known as Digi Salapa)
  • Block: Tentulikhunti
  • District: Nabarangpur 

This village is situated at a distance of 4 Kilometre from its Gram Panchayat, 6 kilometres from Indravati town, 9 kilometres from Tentulikhunti block & 30 kilometres away from Nabarangpur district headquarter. 

On the way to Panaspadar Village, Nabarangpur

In this village, only the Christian community and Paraja community of peoples resides. It contains about 300 households and the approximate population is around 1100. 

This village consists of 3 wards. This village is surrounded by many nearby villages such as – Bodakupuli (ବଡାକୁପୁଲି), Charamula, Domboguda (ଡମ୍ବଗୁଡ଼ା), Antasar (ଅଣ୍ଟାସର), Paluguda (ପଲୁଗୁଡ଼ା) etc and the best thing about this village is that there is very beautiful and good farming one can see around the village.

Let’s take a Village Round-up

Its nearby town is Indravati Town, from Indravati town if we move in west direction through Phataguda, Aunliguma, Bodakupuli villages, at a 6-kilometre distance Panaspadar village will come. 

There is a very good real story about the origin of the name of Bodakupuli Village. This village is made up of two names. One is ‘Boda’ (means an Anaconda snake) and the other ‘Kupuli’ (means a small hill). 

Stone Mining at Bodakupuli Village

Many years ago, on this hill, there was living a very big Anaconda snake, when no one was living there. After the death of this Snake, people started living there and then after the village is famously known as Bodakupuli (ବଡାକୁପୁଲି) as per the history of this Kupuli or hill. 

At a distance of about half kilometre from Bodakupuli, Panaspadar will be reached by crossing beautiful farming fields on both sides with beautiful scenery.

While going from Bodakupuli, there is a pond on the right side near the village from where cows, goats and buffaloes drink water. Going a little further than that, the cultivation of paddy is on both sides making a beautiful view.

Village Entry View – Panaspadar
Rice Cultivation in Panaspadar Village

First comes the mango orchard (ଆମ୍ବତୋଟା) of the village on the left side. Between it is the Thakurani Temple of the Village, behind it there is 2nd pond of the village in between the rice field and also in this orchard cattle-yard is present.

Going a little further there are 3 stalls you can find on the right-hand side built under Village Welfare Committee and in front of it, there is a big tree in which there is a lot of beehives (ମହୁଫେଣା) in the branches. 

Maa Thakurani Temple of Panaspadar
Village stalls
Beehives in Panaspadar Village

The rent of these 3 stalls is given to GP. Going a little further, on the right side of the main road JELC Primary School is there, where from class 1st to 5th is being studied. In front of that school, there is Panaspadar Primary Health Centre. Inside that medical campus, a new Anganwadi centre is under construction according to the villagers. 

A little ahead of village Health Centre on the left side, the 3rd pond of the village is situated. Where people take bath, wash clothes and people on the side also wash utensils. 

JELC primary school, Panaspadar
Primary Healthcare Centre, Panaspadar
Village Pond

Due to the dryness of the pond water in the summer season, people have to go to the river Indravati from the side road of the same pond on the left side, about 1 kilometre away. 

On the way to the river Indravati, the village has a water tank of 60,000 litres capacity. From where water is supplied twice a day. The main road of the village is good but all the roads inside the village are in bad condition and also not well drainage system. 

There is a BaliYatra (ବାଲି ଯାତ୍ରା) Mandap (Bali Yatra held here once per 3 years) in the centre of the village, a temporary Anganwadi centre beside it & in rent it is run. Near the Anganwadi centre, a clubhouse is present. 

Village Chowk and the Baliyatra mandap
Panaspadar Village Club house
Anganwadi Centre, Panaspadar
Baliyatra Mandap of Panaspadar Village

Recently in this year, 2021 Bali Yatra was held in the village. To the south of the village beside the main road, is the graveyard (ମଶାଣି) and in it, there is the cremation house (ମଶାଣି ଘର ). 

There is a volley field on the side of the main road of the village where every day youths of the village gather to play volleyball. There is a big and beautiful JELC (Jeypore Evangelical Lutheran Church) church facing in the west direction, situated at the corner of the village. 

Crematory ground of Panaspadar Village
ମଶାଣି ଘର, ପଣସପଦର

This church further enhances the beauty of that village and there is another clubhouse is present on the right-hand side of the same church. 

JELC Church, Panaspadar

The livelihood of Panaspadar villagers : 

As there is agriculture (Rice and Maize largely) all around this village, so most of the people do farming in this village. Like rice, maize, Ragi, varieties of pulses etc.  


Along with this, some work as daily labourers, some do small business and some are private and government servants. Government servants such as Anganwadi, working in educational institutions, Medical etc. 

And the people of this village also earn by working in the nearby Solar Plant located at Charamula, whose lands have been taken by the company. 

In this village, a lot of people also do animal husbandry (Cow, Buffalo, Goat, Sheep) and poultry farming (Hen, duck, Broiler) from where they get well assistance to run their livelihood. Like selling milk of cattle, eggs of chicken, Compost, cattle etc. Fishing is also one of the income sources of the villagers. 

Development needed:

First of all the inner roads of the village are very worst which urgently need it’s repair or form a new well pukka road/cement road with proper drainage system all around the roads. 

Village Road is tally damaged, Develpment needed

The road on the northern side of the village is just full of mud, and it is very difficult to go through that road. The repair of JELC Primary School is also necessary, its boundary will have to be built. 

Some water tap points in the village are damaged which should be repaired for sake of the people, as per the villagers demand. Villagers demanded that 3 stalls of the village welfare committee are in bad condition. It needs repair soon as its doors and roof are in broken condition.

No Drainage System inside the Village, Panaspadar

Because the population of this village is high and there are many children too, there is a dire need for a high school or an upper primary school in this village. Because for higher education all the children have to move away from the villages.

Under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), a lot of people are yet to get a house. So people have to be provided soon under the PMAY scheme of government.



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