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Tribal women proved that they are self-sufficient in Mushroom Cultivation

The main source of income for tribal women was the daily labour work to run their families but now times have changed. The Forest and Horticulture Department has given a special identity to the tribal women of Siraguda (ସିରାଗୁଡା) village in Umerkote block, which is surrounded by forests.

The state government has been trying to make women’s minds more independent. Its successful implementation has been seen in Siraguda village under the Umerkote block of Nabarangpur district.

In the village, women from Maa Pendrani, Maa Tribeni and Maa Gadigasena SHG groups are now able to earn a living and inspire other women too in the state. They are able to stand on their own feet by cultivating mushrooms during this corona pandemic.

The Forest Department’s Amo Jungle (ଆମ ଜଙ୍ଗଲ) Scheme provided 10,000 rupees in subsidies for horticulture. Saroj Dalei, a team leader from the Rural Development Organization, trained the tribal women to grow mushrooms.

After training, they began to cultivate mushrooms of their own. The women of these SHG groups are now producing 3-5 kg of mushrooms daily. They are selling them at Rs 200 per kg. They use the money to support their families while also setting up some funds for the future.

While the corona pandemic has broken everyone’s financial condition, the state government’s grants are once again improving the financial situation of the people of Odisha.

The tribal women of Nabarangpur district, who once knew nothing about mushroom farming, are now happy to have a new way of earning a living. The women thanked the state government and the Umerkote forest officials, the horticulture department and the rural development organization for their kind support.



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