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Tour to Hirli Dongri Eco-Tourism Park – The Crown of Nabarangpur

Hirli Dongri Eco-Tourism Park of Nabarangpur is one of the most famous, pride of Nabarangpur and an attractive spot of undivided Koraput district for tourists. 

  • Post Office: Agnipur
  • Tehsil: Nabarangpur
  • District: Nabarangpur 
  • State: Odisha

The Hirli Dangri or Hirli Dongri is situated on top of the hill at Hirli. This beautiful spot is located approximately 2 kilometres away from Nabarangpur town on the west side. 

Kusumjhar water reservoir has situated Near the Hirli Dangri on the northwest side & Ekalabya model residential school is present at the base of the hill in the south direction. 

There is a beautiful park which is decorated and planted beautifully in its area, which attracts visitors to come here excitedly. The best time to visit this place is early morning or sunset time. Its open timing will exceed from morning 8 am to evening 8 pm. 


Hill view of the surrounding areas is the major attraction of Hirli Dangri with the watchtower, children park and open gym at the site. Also, there is an ancient statue of Lord Balaji that was found at the top fronting towards the East direction of the tourist site and is now worshipped by locals of that area. 

The Hirli Dongri park was inaugurated by the honourable chief minister of Odisha Shri Naveen Patnaik on 5th February 2019 in the presence of many leaders or ministers such as Shri Ramesh Chandra Majhi, Shri Manohar Randhari, Shri Balabhadra Majhi, Shri Sanjaya Kumar Das Burma, Shri Subash Gond, Shrimati Bhagabati Bhatra and the then district magistrate Dr Ajit Kumar Mishra. 


What are in that park?

First of all, the main entry gate comes while going through the park with a ticket counter. This is for the tourists where ticket charges per person are 20 rupees (above 10 years age), per 2-wheeler vehicle 10 rupees & 4-wheeler vehicle 30 rupees charges. 

Then the gate will be opened for you after ticketing and Hirli Dongri welcomes you to visit its beauty. Dongri or Dangar means a small mountain or a hill and this Hirli Dongri is also a small beautifully designed mountain you can say. 


Going straight onwards entry gate after approximately 100-metre distance 2 diversions will be displayed. If one will go straight on turning left from that point there is an open gym or children park at a distance of one hundred metres away. 

Similarly, going right there is the peak of the hill watchtower, vehicle parking area, the statue of Lord Balaji and more attractive scenery. Here is planted so many different types of decorative shrubs and beautiful trees with their scientific names listed at each plant. 

Many attractive quotations have been written there everywhere & the police helpline number is also written, if there is a necessity, to get help by calling. People come here and like very much and enjoy clicking photos and making videos. 

It is a place of peace and beauty & people of the areas or from far away, used to come here especially on weekends to enjoy the view from hill-top and to get rid of their stress for some time. And return with some positive vibes or positive energy from this environment.


Development Needed:

Roadways repairs are in full swing and government assistance is being provided to beautify the Hrili Dongri park. But the lack of toilet facilities in the park has sparked outrage from the public.

The Open Gym in the park can be even more beautifully decorated. We didn’t even see the dustbin facility. It simply came to our notice then. So, in order to maintain the beauty of the park, there must be some dustbins for the garbages.

Instruction manuals for the general public is also an opportunity to facilitate and beautify the park. It also boosts the interest among the tourist and helps them to see the entire park easily.



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