Friday, March 24, 2023


A Young man was killed in a Lightening Strike | Kalimela, Malkangiri

Kalimela/Malkangiri: 21st May Mr. Balai Bairagi (ବଲାଇ ବୈରାଗୀ) of age-32, the youngest son of the late Niranjan Bairgi of MV-10 village in Gumuka (ଗୁମୁକା) Panchayat...

A Child thief was beaten to death, 4 arrested | Malkangiri

Malkanagiri: 18th May This incident has happened in the Godoli village of the Kanker district of Chhattisgarh. Villagers have beaten a child thief to death. Four...

Canal water rushed within the city of Malkangiri

Malkanagiri: 16th May 2021 In the Malkanagiri district, canals have been set up by the small and large irrigation department to provide water to farmers...

The District Library is Inaugurated at Malkangiri

Malkanagiri: 14th May Malkanagiri district magistrate Dr. Y. Vijay inaugurated the district library. The library is located near the district culture-building & will open for...

A Social Worker is providing Foods to the Migrant workers

Malkangiri: 13th May Hundreds of worker are moving together in a crowd on the way to Motu of Malkanagiri district every day and the administration...

Complain of giving low-quality foods to patients at COVID Hospital

Malkangiri: 10th May A female journalist has complained about food shortages and/or quality less food is provided in COVID-19 hospital of Malkanagiri district subdivision. After the...

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