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The School Transformation has been Successful in Odisha: Chief Minister

School transformations have not only changed the physical appearance of the school but have also had a positive effect on the mentality of the children, said Odisha Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik.

The students believed that they had also been instrumental in developing their personalities. Today, on the second day of the second phase, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik inaugurated the converted school and spoke to the children. 

Everyone is happy with the change in the school and expresses their confidence in their future. Students Trisha Priyadarshini from Dhenkanal, Arpita Chowdhury from Ganjam, Sonali Kanhar from Kandhamal and Vishnu Prasad from Anugul shared their views on school transformation in their speeches. 

According to reports, today Odisha Chief Minister inaugurated 531 schools in 5 districts. Among them, 105 high schools in Dhenkanal district, 230 in Ganjam, 73 in Kandhamal, 73 in Nabarangpur and 50 in Anugul district have been inaugurated. A total of 2908 high schools have been converted in the second phase.

Addressing the children, the Chief Minister said that each child is unique and has great potential. Children have dreams of a better future. Dreams of doing something big in life. Shri Patnaik said the school had added wings to the dream of transforming children. 

If the children’s dream comes true, the goal of a new Odisha will be fulfilled and the foundation of a new Odisha will be laid. He further advised them to make good use of this important time of life & create a new identity for themselves, for their families and for the beloved Odisha. 

"The Chief Minister said that the new look of the schools has filled the children with joy and excitement. This has created new hopes and aspirations among them."


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