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Rourkela Smart City is the Winner of Global Mayors Challenge, Odisha

A 5-ton cold storage facility has been set up in Rourkela, India’s leading industrial city. As a result, small-scale farmers, vegetables and fruit traders in the city can store their produce. SHG women have also been able to make a living by running the cold storage facility. Fresh fruits and vegetables can be found at the door of townspeople.

Rourkela has won the Global Mayors Challenge, organized by the Bloomberg Philanthropies, as the project has been able to make long-term and successful use of technology. For the above achievement, Rourkela is ranked among the 15 cities in the world that won the Global Mayors Challenge of 2021-22, making it the only city in India to achieve this feat.

Rourkela will receive $1 million to further implement and expand its ideas and innovations. The world’s leading inventors and data experts will provide support and guidance for the next three years. In this regard, the Bloomberg Philanthropies announced on Tuesday.

Ideas from different cities were evaluated based on the best urban innovations or urban innovations to get rid of epilepsy. Rourkela was ranked among the 50 champions in the first round to test its judgment out of 631 applications from 99 countries.

In the final round, it succeeds to acquire a place in the top 15 cities. According to Bloomberg’s report, the competition, which began in 2021, will help Covid get rid of the plague. The goal is to spread the word about the most promising urban innovations.

The competition was based on economic recovery and overall growth, health & public welfare, climate & the environment, and good governance & equality at a time of crisis, such as the Covid Pandemic. The city has been declared the winner as a special program has been taken up by the Rourkela Metropolitan Corporation at this time. Sundergarh District Magistrate Nikhil Pavan Kalyan and district & state dwellers are very happy & excited about this global achievement.



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