Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Puri Jagannath Temple Opened Today with Its New SOP, Odisha

From today onwards devotees will have the opportunity to see the Lord Jagannath again. After being deprived of vision for 21 days, Kalia will be re-looked. The Shree Mandir administration today issued a new SOP (Standard operating procedure). As per the decision of the meeting, the vision will be closed every Sunday for the exterior and interior cleansing of the temple.

The next day devotees can get a glimpse of the Lord. According to the new guidelines, the visit will run until February 17. A new SOP will be issued from the 17th of this month if necessary. From January 10 to 31, the temple administration closed the temple due to an increase in the incidence of covid infections.

Now the temple has been reopened for devotees after the covid infection was reduced. According to the SOP issued for devotees, devotees are required to enter the temple and view the Lord, as per the previous 96-hour RTPCR report, or 2 dosage certificates of vaccination.

Those who go for a visit will strictly follow the Covid rule. From 6 am to 9 pm, devotees can get a chance to see Lord Jagannath. Devotees coming for the visit will bring an Aadhaar card, voter card along with other Ids. Earlier, officials and staff at the shrine, including Servian, have been affected by the Covid infection due to violations of the Covid rule.

For this, the philosophy system had to be shut down. Therefore, this time around, the temple administration has tightened the rules. Devotee’s masks wearing have been made mandatory inside and outside the temple. Before entering the temple, people are asked to sanitize their hands while maintaining social distance.

Devotees will be barred from visiting if they break the rules. On the other hand, the Shree Mandir administration has decided to give booster doses to the servian (ସେବାୟତ) between the ages of 18 and 60 to prevent servian’s infections. A special camp has been set up for this purpose, the temple administration said.



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