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Omicron positive cases are found in Andhra Pradesh, Odisha is in tension

The number of Omicron cases in the country has risen to 37. While most of Maharashtra has been identified, Omicron has entered the neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh & Chattisgarh. As a result, Odisha is worried.

The Department of Health, on the other hand, advises not to be so frightened. State vaccination is a priority. Foreign returnees, in particular, are being closely monitored. There are so many special teams at the airport to monitor. Omicron has not yet been identified in Odisha.

Similarly, the state government is fully prepared for this and the district magistrate has been given a letter of foreign return. They have been instructed to take immediate action. Concerns about Odisha have risen sharply since the outbreak in the neighbouring state.

It is recommended that all passengers from abroad be examined and to isolate them. In Andhra Pradesh, the new variant of Covid-19 is said to have come from the ‘Omicron’ infected Ireland. According to health experts, the number of Omicron cases worldwide is on the rise, including in India.

At first, there were no signs of such fear. In addition, Omicron has not been fatal. In this new episode of Corona, no one is serious to date. But it is warned or advised by the health department to follow all the previous covid guidelines strictly as no one knows the future.

Whereas the Covid-19 positive cases have been identified in Odisha with 160 more cases of corona in the state. Among the infected are 20 children and 1 person died today. There are 94 cases from quarantine centres and 66 cases of local infection.

A maximum of 86 infections have been identified in Khordha. In addition, a total of 10,517,574 people have been infected in the state, while 10,14,132 have been cured. 1955 people are being treated & the total death toll has risen to 8434.



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