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Odisha State Employees Rehabilitation Aspirants Association’s strike in Bhubaneswar, Odisha

A large number of crowds was seen on Tuesday onwards that is on 22nd of November in the Lower PMG Square of Bhubaneswar. Thousands of Rehabilitation Assistance Applicants from different districts of Odisha joined the strike.

They demand to abolish the 2020 Rule and stressed bringing the 1990 Rule back for the Rehabilitation Assistance Scheme. All eligible candidates should be given employment under Rehabilitation Assistance Scheme, they demanded and shouted against the Odisha Govt.


According to the rule of 1990, if a government employee dies during the employment period, then a candidate of their family may be his wife or daughter or his son will get a job under the rehabilitation assistance scheme.

But no one has been given a job under this scheme according to the point system of today’s 2020 rule. If we look at this point system, the maximum number of candidates are ineligible.

That is why in the last 2 clauses all the RAS Applicants came to Bhubaneswar and went on strike but without any success and did not get any letter from the government.

Therefore, for the third time, the RAS applicants of all the districts of Odisha sat on strike on 22nd November in Bhubaneswar. A huge public gathering was seen.

OSERAA strike in Bhuubaneswar

Till now the strike goes peacefully. On asking the candidates, they said that if the government does not want to give us jobs, then they should remove this rehabilitation assistance scheme and not give us false hope.

And if the state govt. follow our Country’s law and want to give jobs, then they should give jobs according to the 1990 law and the 2020 rule should be thrown out.


All the prospective candidates from different parts of the state spend the night on the main road in this hard winter. The government is silent even after seeing such a pathetic scene.

The candidates who are sitting on the strike further added that “We will not get up from the strike until the government revokes their 2020 law. The strike will last indefinitely. If the time comes, we will not hesitate to sacrifice ourselves.”



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