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Miscreants broke the house lock & stole lakhs of rupees, Nabarangpur

The thief has again openly challenged the Nabarangpur police. Taking the opportunity of the power cut last Wednesday evening in the town, thieves stole 15 loads of gold and lakhs of rupees from a house.

The house belongs to Mr Suresh Mishra living in Gouda Street of Nabarangpur Town. However, in the last week, the miscreants succeeded in stealing from many places under the Nabarangpur police station, and now the city of Nabarangpur is the target of the miscreants.

According to information, Suresh Mishra, who lives in Goud Street, Nabarangpur, along with his wife, went to his brother’s house, who lives in the same street, at around 7:30 pm on Wednesday.

When he returned home at 9.45 pm, he was shocked to find the grill lock of his house broken. On entering the house immediately, the cupboard was broken and 15 heavy gold ornaments and more than 1 lakh rupees in the cupboard locker were stolen.

Later informed Nabarangpur police about the incident. Nabarangpur police station officer Naresh Pradhan, ASI Ashok Kumar Deo along with the police team reached the spot and started an investigation.

In addition, yesterday the research dog and scientific team have come back after investigation. In this regard, the police have registered a case in Nabarangpur police station and started a further investigation.

According to sources, Mr Mishra often goes to the Ashram in the evening. It is suspected that the miscreants have planned. On that, there was a power outage between evening and 9 pm. Mr Mishra suspected that the miscreants took advantage of this and stole it.

On the contrary, for the last 15 days, the miscreants have disturbed the sleep of the Nabarangpur police. Even they are not leaving any clue to catch them. Where the CCTV camera is found, the said CCTV camera is stolen by cutting the wire of the CC camera and stealing the hard disk.



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