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Meeting was held for Development of Ghumar Temple of Tentulikhunti

A meeting was held to beautify the Mangardora Ghumar Shaivapith (ଘୁମର ଶୈବପୀଠ) in Tentulikhunti Block and to make it more attractive for tourists. The tourist’s site will be open to the public.

The block administration has expressed concern that a large number of tourists will be flocking here. Duryodhan Bhoi, new BDO from the Tentulikhunti block, has taken steps to develop the Ghumar waterfall.

In this regard, a block meeting was held yesterday at the local Ghumar Shaivapith premises on behalf of the block administration. Senior journalist Sushant Kumar Shatapathy gave the guest introduction while Akhila Bhatra chaired the meeting.

The meeting was attended by Panchayat Samiti chairperson Debaki Nayak, vice-chairman Tanmay Sagar Nayak, Sarpanch Mrutyunjaya Nayak, senior leaders Ramesh Chandra Sahu, Mrutyunjaya Singh, Suresh Nayak, Tunababu Sadangi among others.

After Nabarangpur district collector Shri Kamal Lochan Mishra visited Ghumar Shaiva Peetha on the 18th, the way was paved for the development of this tourist destination.

Similarly, BDO Mr Bhoi, who has visited the Ghumar Shaivapith many times for the development of this famous tourist destination, said that with the cooperation of all, the development of this site is certain.

The meeting focused on the construction of a paved road to Ghumar Shaivapith, the construction of stairs to the waterfall site, the guest house, electricity system, the construction of a bridge and the provision of drinking water for convenience of tourists.

Steps will be taken to build a hanging bridge to make the tourist attraction more attractive, the BDO said. Nabarangpur district magistrate Shri Mishra and Tentulikhunti Block Development Officer Mr. Bhoi’s efforts to spread the word about the development of Ghumar Shaivapith have caused a great deal of excitement among the locals & tourists.



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