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Maa Dangardevi Temple of Kamara: History, Location & Overview

  • Location: In between Kaliaguda & Kamara village
  • Distance From Nabarangpur: 12 KM
  • From Borigumma: 11 KM
  • Famous For: Maa Thakurani Temple 

Maa Danger Devi (ମା ଡ଼ଙ୍ଗରଦେବୀ) Temple falls under Baliguda village, GP Kamara, Borigumma block under Koraput district of Odisha. While going to Borigumma town from Nabarangpur, it comes left side of the NH-26. 


It is located at a distance of 11 kilometres away from block headquarters Borigumma, 55 kilometres away from district headquarters Koraput and one kilometre apart from the village Baliguda. 

Baliguda (ବାଲିଗୁଡ଼ା) village has about 106 families and its approximate population counts 534. It is a small village like other normal tribal villages of Odisha. 

In Baliguda village once in 12years, a famous BaliYatra was held which attracts devotees towards it making Yatra more special. This Temple is famously known as Kamara (କାମରା) Mandir/Kamara Temple.

History of Maa Dangar Devi Temple:

Jay Maa Dangardevi

This temple was established about 55 to 60 years ago, according to the temple priest. The temple was rebuilt after about 35 years as it became so old. 

And till now it is in the same form for 15 to 20 years and is decorated every year. Slowly the texture around it is also being decorated and established many necessities. 

What are there in the Temple premises?

First of all, the newly made entry gate of the temple which is inaugurated on 8th April 2022 is fronting towards the West. Its Gate is so beautifully designed and has the statue of Goddess Durga on its gate.

Maa Dangardevi Thakurani Temple Overview

Its boundary wall is attached to the entry gate. However, the complete boundary wall has not been made yet. It is in processing. Also, a beautiful park of this Dangar Devi Temple is under construction where plantation, seats, drinking water facilities, gardening and many amusement structures were installed.

Apart from that, 3 Tube wells are available for drinking water, a pucca road from the main gate to the main Temple, and a storehouse near the temple for storing safely the materials of temple like iron rods, cements, woods, etc.

Puja Mandap near the temple premises

Currently, there are 2 worshipers (ମନ୍ଦିର ପୂଜାରୀ) of the Baliguda village worshipping in the temple. They are Giridhar Pujari and Durjan Pujari. They daily come here and worship. And the unfortunate thing is that they don’t get a fixed salary for their work. 

They only depend on the offerings of the devotees whether it may be less or more. This is the only source of income for them. It is unfair to them. Every year in April, a lot of crowd gathers here about 10,000 during the time of the Yearly Festival. 

At the same time, many shops are settled here. It becomes a festival spot at this time of celebration. So many peoples come here from nearby villages and enjoy themselves. Usually, it fills with crowds as it is just beside the National Highway.

One can find a small puja shop on the side of the National Highway just Infront of the Temple’s main gate. The devotees can purchase all the puja utensils like Coconut, flowers, Chandan, Sindur etc.


Last Word:

This Temple is located in a beautiful place and is surrounded by beautiful nature. This site is gradually developing and beautifying. 

Its park will be very much attractive in the coming days and wish to rush more and more enthusiasts or devotees here to enjoy and feel happy. 

At the same time, the Temple environment needs more development and decoration for a better facility and to make it more attractive. The overall experience is very good due to its peaceful environment. 



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