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Koraput district collector reviewed the development work of Jagannath Sagar yesterday

The long-standing demands of the people of Jeypore town are being met. The historic Jagannath Sagar is about to develop. An agreement has been reached to develop it.

The agreement was signed by Siddhartha Patnaik, executive officer of Jeypore municipality and Shri Pramod Kumar, HALL executive director, on behalf of the Koraput district administration.

Koraput District Magistrate Shri Abdaal M. Akhtar arrived at Jagannath Sagar yesterday to review its development. He discussed the development work near the Panchanan Temple and the eastern part of the Sagar.

There will be parks, sitting chairs, sidewalks, cafeterias and many more. Jeypore municipal executive officer Siddhartha Patnaik has been directed to take immediate action by the Koraput collector.

With the development of one side of the Jagannath Sagar, Rs 7 crore will be spent regularly within 3 years. The money will be used to build the main gate, a children’s entertainment centre, a seating area for senior citizens, an open theatre, a stage, a walkway and a proper drainage system.


As the people of Jeypore have been demanding for a long time, Jeypore MLA Tara Prasad Bahinipati had earlier announced that Rs 100 crore would be invested in the development of Jagannath Sagar.

The legislature has repeatedly called for the development of the Sagar in the Assembly hall. He promised the people of Jeypore that the Sagar would be developed. Taking it seriously, the state chief minister last week reviewed its development.

Surveys are being done to prevent polluted water from entering the Sagar. The Jagannath Sagar will be restored soon. Jeypore Municipal Executive Officer Siddhartha Patnaik and Junior Engineer Ajay Jani were present during the district magistrate’s visit.



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