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Jio brings 4G mobile connectivity to remote villages in Malkangiri

Taking forward its mission to enable 4G digital connectivity in remote areas across the country, Reliance Jio has ushered in digital transformation in over 18 remote villages and hamlets of the geographically challenging Mathili block in Malkangiri district of South Odisha.

With the three new Jio 4G network sites getting operational at Mahupadar, Kutunipalli and Temurupali, Jio has positively impacted the lives of over 12k residents of nearby villages and hamlets as well as administrative officials, who now have access to 4G internet for the first time.

Located near Odisha and Chhattisgarh border, around 80 km away from the district headquarter of Malkangiri and 35 km away from Mathili block headquarter, these villages in the three Gram panchayats of Mahupadar, Kutunipalli and Temurupali didn’t have proper mobile connectivity before Jio took the initiative to set up the two 4G network sites.

In the absence of a mobile network and 4G internet, the residents as well as government officials working there used to have a very difficult time in communicating with the outside world even at the time of emergencies.

Students of the villages had to walk miles in search of mobile networks and internet access to attend online classes during the last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

All these have now become things of the past as the three new Jio 4G towers at Mahupadar, Kutunipalli and Temurupali provide 4G mobile network in over 18 remote villages and hamlets including the villages of Mahupadar, Kurumpali, Mundaguda, Kamarpali, Galiaguda, Dhakadrasi, Temurupali, Kukurkund, Tulasi, Katiguda, Sariguda, Kutunipalli, Kadapadar, Netalgandhi and nearby areas.

It is worth mentioning here that Jio has been playing a significant role in bridging the digital connectivity gap and empowering millions of unconnected citizens with its fast-expanding footprints of 4G digital lifeline in the remote and rural hinterlands across the country.

Recently, Jio connected the remote block headquarter town of Narayanpatna and nearby villages of the hilly Koraput district with its all 4G network, ushering in a digital revolution for thousands of residents, many of whom experienced the benefits of 4G internet for the first time in their life.

Also, JioPhone Next, the ultra-affordable and feature-rich smartphone jointly developed by Google and Jio has delighted thousands of users with a transformational digital experience, especially for first-time smartphone users across age groups in the hinterlands of Odisha, helping them realise their smartphone dreams at affordable prices.



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