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Dabugaon MLA Manohar Randhari appeared in Jeypore Special Vigilance Court Yesterday

Dabugaon MLA Shri Manohar Randhari has been personally sued yesterday in the Jeypore Special Vigilance Court in connection with the embezzlement of government money. 9 years ago a case was registered against Shri Manohar Randhari.

In that case, the opposition group have already given their consent and yesterday legislator himself gave his statement. It is learned that the testimony of other witnesses on behalf of the legislator will be taken to court in the coming days.

According to sources, Dabugaon MLA Manohar Randhari worked as a senior clerk in the Nandahandi block office of Nabarangpur district from 2006 to 2009. He was also in charge of the block’s store at the time.

At that time, the government has given money for various development projects. It is alleged that a total of 6 Lakh rupees of cement and Iron ore was not found and people complained that he ate all the money that came in.

Hearing this, at that time Nabarangpur MLA Habibulla Khan recommended the state government to investigate the irregularities. The audit revealed that Rs 6 lakh had been misappropriated. Local fund audits were also later conducted by the district administration.

It also contained reports of money laundering. Similarly, due to this in 2013, a case was filed in the Jeypore Special Vigilance Court in the name of MLA Manohar Randhari. Yesterday he appeared in front of the Special Vigilance Judge & gave his statement, his lawyer Anand Rath said.



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