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Have a visit & come to know about Papadahandi Deer Park, Nabarangpur

Papadahandi Deer Park is the famous and attractive tourist destination of the Nabarangpur district and is the only zoo of undivided Koraput district. 

It is located in Nabarangpur district, Papadahandi block and goes under Papadahandi forest area. It is present 11 kilometres away from district headquarter and is a 1-kilometre distance from Papadahandi main chowk. 

It falls on the right-hand side while coming from Nabarangpur in front of the newly built Papadahandi CinePlex and is present near the main road NH – 26.

It is now well decorated with full of wall paintings with a variety of animals & birds, plantation, attractive gardening, colourful inner look of the park or zoo. Every day 200 to 500 people come here to visit. 

If there is any special occasion or festive day, then it crosses even 700 tourists per day. Visitors come here from far away to watch & feel its environment and the animals and birds of it. 


Know the History of this Deer Park

Papadahandi Deer Park was approved on 15.02.1986 by the Wildlife Advisory Board and was inaugurated by the late Chief Minister of Odisha Janaki Ballabha Patnaik on 08.06.1986. 

The one-acre bath in the Papadahandi Forest Reserve is located on the side of the National Highway (NH 201 & NH 26) in the beautiful green shale forest.

According to information received, the deer is thought to have belonged to the late Jagannath Tripathy, a former assembly member from Nabarangpur, Koraput district and a prominent freedom fighter. The deer herd originated from a total of four deer herds (2 from the Rayagada forest and 2 from the Harishankar deer park). 

Currently, there is an unexpected increase in the number of deer in Papadahandi Deer park, with an area of ​​30 acres and a fence around it. Animals and birds, such as wild boar, barking Deer, Peacocks, are also kept in the wild. The Central Zoo Authority, New Delhi, granted the status of a small zoo on 22nd of June 2009. 


What are in the Papadahandi deer park?

With a land area of more than 30 acres, thus Papadahandi Deer Park or Small Zoo is fenced by a boundary wall. It is surrounded each side by the forest area of Papadahandi & in front of it, there is a CinePlex of Papadahandi which is built recently. 

Its entry gate is very beautiful and has a statue of a male & female Deer and a fawn (baby deer). There is a ticket counter next to the entry gate. After holding the ticket and entering, ticket submit counter is present near the entrance where names of tourists are recorded. 

After the visit, one can write feedback or experience on the register note here. Then the visit journey will start ->

There are animals such as, spotted Deers as per its name i.e. Deer Park, there are about 200 deers in the park is present and full description of these deers is hung in a poster there, a peacock which is known as the National bird of our country is also found.


In front of the peacock enclosure, there are full details of this bird in a poster. Chowsingha, wild boar, barking deer, rabbits, a breed of rat, swans etc. animals are enclosed there with proper care and maintenance. A detailed description of each animal is also available near each animal enclosure.

The beauty of this zoo is enhanced by its Children’s Park, famous Wooden House, beautiful Green Tunnel covered by climbers, Lily Pond, and a big pond, Interpretation Center and all the Plantation, paintings, infrastructures & Gardening over there. 

Also, there are drinking water facilities and toilet complex is present. Prohibition and precaution boards have been put up all over the park. Like not to tease, not to feed animals and it advised tourists to follow all the guidelines inside the Zoo.

In this park or small zoo, people are very fond of to come here and go by making the mind happy & refresh. This park is also converted to the biggest photography destination for photographers because of its green scene, cleanliness, flowers, beautiful garden etc.

The natural environment here is pleasing to everyone. Everyone should visit places like this and enjoy the beauty of nature & natural things which has a very good positive impact on our body.



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