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CM Naveen Pattnaik Distributed Smart Health Cards in Kalahandi District

Our Honourable Chief Minister Shree Naveen Pattnaik yesterday launched the distribution of smart health cards under the Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana in the Kalahandi district. About 1.4 million people in the district will benefit from this.

9 Districts of the state, including Kalahandi, participated in the program. On this occasion, the Chief Minister inaugurated various projects worth Rs 860 crore in Kalahandi. Addressing the gathering, the Chief Minister said that Kalahandi has been making great strides in all areas today.

CM came to Kalahandi in June to inaugurate the Indravati Lift Canal project, saying that 68 % of the district’s land is irrigated today. Farmers in Kalahandi have caught everyone’s attention today.

While the district’s rice production has reached 74.7 million tonnes, it has also won national awards for fish production. Kalahandi was the 1st in the state to produce cotton, he said. Farmers’ incomes have risen this year as cotton prices have risen sharply & he was happy about this.

The Chief Minister said that 3 and a half crore people from 96 lakh households in the state would benefit from the Smart Health Card. This will help our poor people get rid of many problems for health care, especially can get rid of financial problems.

Whenever people were having health problems, People are being forced to sell their land for medical treatment, Children are being deprived of their education, he said. Highlighting all the problems, the Chief Minister said that it made him very sad.

Now people can get better treatment at 200 major hospitals in the country by holding a piece of card without any hassle. For this they do not have to pay single money, he said.


He further added – the infrastructure work in the district is going on very fast. A Rs 2,500 crore project is underway to supply piped water to every village in the district. “Whether it’s the Biju Express, the Bhawanipatna bypass, the Bhawanipatna-Rayagada road work, the various crude subsidies, the slum work in Kesinga, Kalahandi has been very successful.

The mothers of Mission Shakti in Kalahandi are also doing a great job in the procurement of paddy, he said. Kalahandi has become a prominent educational centre today. Kalahandi University, Kalahandi Government Engineering College, Government Agricultural College today create opportunities for Kalahandi children, he further added.



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