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Buses will be rolling across the Odisha State from Monday onwards

Bhubaneswar/Odisha: 17th July

Bus services across the state will resume from Monday. The state government has accepted the 10-point demand made by the Nikhil Odisha Bus Owners Association to the Chief Minister.

The state government has taken the time to address this slowly after discussing all the demands of the Bus Owners Association at a meeting chaired by Transport Minister Padmanabha Behera today.

The bus owners’ association has since agreed to operate the bus. So now the bus will run according to the government’s Covid rule. Each bus will travel with filling available seats in bus only. No overloaded passengers.

No one will be taken without a mask. The bus will be sanitized daily. According to Debashis Nayak, a spokesman for the bus owner’s association, the state government has agreed to waive the road tax from April to July.

We have been asking the government for Rs 1 lakh per bus as the bus has not been running for four months. The state government has said it will co-relate the banks with the bus owners.

We will borrow Rs 1 lakh per bus from the bank and run the bus. We will pay the tax by the 15th of every month and inform the RTO that we will pay the instalment of the money brought from the bank.

The state government has also agreed to allow buses to travel abroad. In our state, the state government has already taken steps to waive taxes on buses coming from outside the state.

“At today’s meeting, Transport Minister Padmanabha Behera, Divisional Chief Secretary Madhusudan Padhi, Chief Secretary to the Finance Department Ashok Meena will hear all our demands and we will run the bus on Monday,” the bus owners’ association said.

The meeting was attended by the President of the Bus Owners Association, Mr. Lokpath Pani, the General Secretary Mr. Devendra Sahu, General Secretary, Mr. Barada Prasanna Acharya, Treasurer Mr. Debashis Nayak, Spokesperson and members of the Bus Owners Association of various districts.



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