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Bears are seen roaming on the road in search of Food in Papdahandi

Nabarangpur district Papadahandi block Dengaguda, Khutubai, Dangra panchayats have witnessed bear terror in the past few days. As the evening wore on, bears were seen roaming the countryside in search of food from nearby forests and fields.

People are in a state of panic as the bear roams the village even though no one was harmed. But a week before, a near was rushed into the Papadahandi market at day time. Where people get surprised and feared, where a boy was injured in fear of that bear.

With widespread deforestation and the lack of food in the forest, there has been widespread speculation that bears may be roaming the village in search of food.

In the evening, a wild bear enters the village. Bears have been reported in villages like Biriguda, Khutuguda, Mahulpadar, Panjariguda, Damapala in Khutubai panchayat, Kumbharguda in Dangra panchayat and Panjariguda in under Dengaguda panchayat in Papadahandi block.

On the night of the 10th November, a video of a mother bear carrying her 3 cubs in the vicinity of Biriguda Primary Health Center went viral. This has created a climate of fear among health workers and patients too.

Due to the poor condition of the main gate of the health centre, bears can enter easily inside it. Villagers in Biriguda, Khutuguda, Mahulpadar, Panjariguda, Kumbharguda and Belgachiaguda have complained that bears graze in the village every day from the forest near Khutuguda.

There has been a general demand from the forest department to rescue all the bears soon as there is a risk of injury in the bear attack. Luckily till now, no one has been injured by the bears.



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