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2 Dengue Patients are Identified in Laxmipur Area of Koraput District

2 dengue patients have been identified in Harijan Sahi of Laxmipur block headquarters under Koraput district yesterday. Doctors have advised both to go to the Koraput Shahid Laxman Nayak Medical College or to Berhampur for further treatment.

On the other hand, the people of Laxmipur are in a state of panic after the news broke. According to sources, the local Harijan Sahi’s 2 people, who had been suffering from fever for the past few days, went to the Laxmipur community health centre yesterday as the fever did not subside.

Both were found to have dengue fever after a blood sample was examined there. Upon learning of this, the doctors advised both to go to Koraput SLN Medical college or Berhampur General Hospital for treatment.

But both are reported to be living with dengue in their homes. Laxmipur residents are worried after the news broke and are in a panic. Every Sahi and street in the Laxmipur block headquarters is littered with garbage.

As a result, mosquitoes are on the rise, and many people are suffering from fever. The garbage has been piled up, creating a smelly atmosphere. In the evening, the mosquitoes are entering in the house. DDT is not sprayed at all in the block headquarters.

The Sarpanch’s husband said the garbage would be cleared by the panchayat in a few days. He also said that a dustbin would be placed on each street and that the daily garbage from each house would be dumped there. But no such action has been taken.

Now that there is a lot of rubbish lying around, there is a general discussion that people are suffering from fever due to the increase in the prevalence of mosquitoes.



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