Central Coffee Board Chairman visited Koraput to see the Kendriguda Coffee Farm


Koraput: 17th September While the Koraput climate is conducive to coffee cultivation, there is no need for lessons for setting up a coffee industry, said MS Boje Gowda, chairman of the Central Coffee Board, who is on a visit to Koraput district. Mr Boje Gowda went to the coffee board near the Jeypore Road IRB … Read more

In Malkangiri, all the developmental works are stuck due to lack of raw materials


The state government is paying special attention to the Malkangiri district and is pouring out hundreds of crores of rupees for development work. However, development in the district has stalled due to the incompetence of the administration and political parties. 20 projects have been uncompleted. The main road from Madakapadar (ମଡକାପଦର) to Koraput border, road … Read more

72nd All India Hindi Day is celebrated at Jeypore, Koraput


Jeypore/Koraput: 15th September The 72nd All India Hindi Day is celebrated by the NV Ramana Trust at the local City Girls’ High School. The chairman of the trust was Dhiren Mohan Pattnaik administer the function, while the chief guest was Trinath Pattnaik (a senior teacher at JC Nayak High School). The keynote speaker was Borigumma … Read more

The process of verifying Fake Teachers has begun in the Rayagada district


Rayagada: 16th September The district education department is in the process of investigating the fake teacher recruitment process. Following the departmental order, the district education officer(DEO) has instructed 11 block education officers to submit details along with Xerox copies of the certificates of teachers of all classes by the 18th of the next month. After … Read more

No Mobile Network in Bondaghati area of Malkangiri; People are suffering


Malkanagiri: 15th September This incident came to light when a Bonda/Tribal girl wants to move forward with good education, want to pursue GNM training but couldn’t do so because of lack of mobile network. This is the story of Adibari Sisha (ଆଦିବାରୀ ଶିଶା) daughter of Adi Shisha (ଆଡି ଶିଶା) and Gurubari (ଗୁରୁବାରି) from Dumuripoda (ଡୁମୁରିପଡ଼ା) … Read more

Locals opposed the decision to open Liquor Stores in Kashipur & Tikri Area


Tikiri/Rayagada: 14th September Locals have strongly opposed the administration’s decision to open 2 local and foreign liquor shops in the Kashipur block of Rayagada district. Public representatives from various panchayats, self-help groups (SHGs), social workers and various organizations are strongly opposed this decision. They warned the public to protest if the district administration did not … Read more

The Maoists are active in Ambadola region of Rayagada district

Maoists are active in Ambadola region

Ambadola/Rayagada: 13th September In the remotely Ambadola (ଅମ୍ବାଦଳା) police station area of ​​Rayagada district, the Maoists have issued a statement warning the police administration. According to sources, the Maoist (Maoist organization CPI Baghuna Regional Committee) banner was found near Bamuni (ବାମୁଣି) village under Jagdalpur police Fandi under Ambadola police station on Monday. The killing of … Read more

In suspicion of Maoist Informer 5 young man picked up by police, Rayagada


Rayagada: 13th September 5 Youths from the Dimiriguda area from the village on 7th September were picked up by police in suspicion of Maoist Informer. To date, however, no one has returned home. Despite many searches, the family members have not been able to find the young men, who are finally at the door of … Read more

Farmers are worried because of the Worms in Rice crops, Nabarangpur


Tentulikhunti/Nabarangpur: 14th September Rice cultivation in the Tentulikhunti block has been affected because of the pests/worms (ପୋକ). Blast worms in some places, Kandabindha (କାଣ୍ଡବିନ୍ଧା) in others and BPH worms in other places. Farmers are worried about the worms in the land. According to the department, the government is providing medicines at half-price to protect crops … Read more

13 Cows were killed & 3 cowmen were injured in a lightning strike, Kalimela


13 cows who had taken refuge at the base of a tree were killed in a lightning strike in Sudhakunda (ସୁଧାକୁଣ୍ଡା) village under Kalimela (କାଲିମେଳା) block of Malkangiri district at around 5 pm on Saturday. In addition, 3 boys who went to graze the cows, were slightly injured in the lightning strike. They have been … Read more