Sunday, May 29, 2022

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Good news for home builders: Iron rods & Cement prices have declined

Bhubaneswar/Odisha: 29th May 2022 Good news for people who are planning to build a house. Now the price of homemade materials is steadily declining. In...

427 kg Ganja was Seized by Kalahandi Police Yesterday, Odisha

Kalahandi police have had great success yesterday. Police were able to stop the illegal ganja smuggling and also arrested 10 people. A total of...

Car-Bike Road Accident in Boipariguda; 2 People Seriously Injured

A tragic road accident was seen today in the Boipariguda block area of Koraput district. A newly married couple was met with a road...

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Two Elephant Tusks were Seized by Rayagada Forest Officials

Today a tragic incident came to notice in the Padmapur police station area of Rayagada district. 2 elephant tusks were seized from the village...


Maa Dangardevi Temple of Kamara: History, Location & Overview

Location: In between Kaliaguda & Kamara villageDistance From Nabarangpur: 12 KMFrom Borigumma: 11 KMFamous For: Maa Thakurani Temple  Maa Danger Devi (ମା ଡ଼ଙ୍ଗରଦେବୀ) Temple falls...

Visit Ghumar Shiv Temple & Waterfall of Mangardora, Tentulikhunti

Ghumar (ଘୁମର) Shiv Temple is otherwise known as Ghumar waterfall, Mangardora and is located in Odisha’s Nabarangpur district under Tentulikhunti block & GP near...

Tour to Hirli Dongri Eco-Tourism Park – The Crown of Nabarangpur

Hirli Dongri Eco-Tourism Park of Nabarangpur is one of the most famous, pride of Nabarangpur and an attractive spot of undivided Koraput district for...

Have a visit & come to know about Papadahandi Deer Park, Nabarangpur

Papadahandi Deer Park is the famous and attractive tourist destination of the Nabarangpur district and is the only zoo of undivided Koraput district.  It is...

Facts & History of Papadahandi Shahid Minar, Nabarangpur District

Papadahandi Shahid memorial (ଶହୀଦ ସ୍ମୃତିସ୍ତମ୍ଭ) is located in the Papadahandi block of Nabarangpur district on the northern side of the Papadahandi Town near the...

A Trip to Panaspadar Village under Tentulikhunti Block, Nabarangpur

Panaspadar (ପଣସପଦର) village, which comes under Tentulikhunti block of Nabarangpur district is located on the bank of Indravati river and is surrounded by so...


A tragic incident came to the light. A man was shot because of not paying a bribe (ବଟି). This shocking incident happened in the...
A shameful & embarrassing thing has happened in the Kalahandi district. Golamunda police of Kalahandi district have arrested a young man from Chichia (ଚିଚିଆ)...